The day before networking exam

Tomorrow is networking exam. By that ,my 4rth semester will be over and I am happy it ended in a wonderful way without any painful memories of any sort. Today melvin ,nithin and me had combined study and we covered networking 2nd module.

Today chetan had told to call him up and ask him about the project - Birthday reminder - which is our dream project

Nithin and I also had discussion regarding rejuvinating the computer( 286 PC) we got from Sreedevi teacher.

I learned a lot about JTooltip today. It was some aweful information. I really liked it . I was surprised to know that one could add HTML into it. Thats really cool. By the way i want to add an image to JTooltip. Some dream Huh? But i do believe its possible.

see you guys.
i will try to do one more post before i go to sleep - Exam special you know ...

with love'