Today i completed the calculator project of Cini. She showed to the teacher. It was her project for this semester. Please do remember that half of the logic for the calculator belongs to her.

Anyway i was glad that through the grace of god i was able to complete that project.

Another happy news is that i also completed the prototype for the project Birth day reminder and i have posted it in the group uit - Click here for getting the code -> its free dudes.

i have included screenshot of the program.(see left)

I hope you know that , i have also started a group called open projects. Now i would like to add all My open source projects to this group.

Anyway, both these projects taught me a lot about the great features of Java. I am realling starting to fall in love with java.

News @ uit_tvm :
Current members : 72

Total new topics : 727

Did you feel bored reading all those. Ok i wont repeat it again (this month) :)) :))

I want to get my hands on linux, so i am planning to start a thread in lug-indore.

I will keep blogging when new news come in.Bye guys