A trip to Bhima

Today I , nithin, melvin and me went to Bhima palli. It was a cool trip. Today heard one news that really surprised me -> eBay to nab Skype for $2.6 billion Another one was Steve ballmer calling linux a cancer
Strange indeed.

Today i and nandu went to melvin's house. And one of melvin's friend brought a version of linux. There are chances that i may get that. Its going to be more than 2 weeks since i am not using linux. I am getting home sick of tux. I somehow need to get my hands on some cool distro .

Problem is that my xandros CD is with one of my friends. So i cant get that until college re-opens. I have DVDs of many distro. But since i dont have a DVD player , i can't use the many linux distro which are in DVD.
Manoj chettan wants to give me a mobile phone. But i feel like telling him to get me a DVD player. I dont know how this is going to turn out to be.