A very happy news from my brother

time is around 12.15; today is my operating system, improvement exam. This is the last exam in this seris.I would love to write that exam.today( ie yesterda) manoj chettan phoned to tell about a very happy news.More about it later - after it is confirmed.
Yesterday , i took a book from british library. Atom and Rss programming. I took that book just for casual intereset, but by glancing through the first few pages, it turned out to be one of the most interesting books i have ever read. i would love to read the whole book!

As you probably know, its been a month since i was looking for news aggregators. I recently saw the blog in Roy's page regarding news aggregators and i wanted to ask roy more about it. But anyway after going through this book , i feel i will be in a more comfortable position to clear my doubts.

Another happy news is that , today i wrote java program code for 2 encryption algorithms.and on sunday , i somewhat completed the JCreator like software that i am developing - ofcourse it would have been impossible without the help of Vishak chettan and my dear Manu sir, it was sheer co-incidence that he came that day,and we had a wonderful talk for over an hour.
The code has been put in the Open projets for all group.

Its been told that colleger will reopen on16 Aug.
Today , i also cleaned up my room. for my upcoming college - reopening. A see a fantastic semester ahead.

See you later bye.