Adding more search engines

(The mini search engine tool bar)

All of you might have noticed the cool mini tool bar located at top right of our Firefox browsers, saving us time and effort whenever we wanted to search something in Google. It saves us time and effort by not having us to type the address - in the address bar, wait for the page to load and then type in the search query. Yeah, i know its not so difficult, but in case if you happen to search quite often, you will surely find the search tool bar, a real boon.

So coming back to the topic : Adding more search engines to the search tool bar. Its pretty easy actually. Our first stop would be the mozilla addons site 's section on Search engines. If you dont happen to find the search engine of your choice here; lets go to This is just an awesome site, with about 12546 search engine plugins!! I really liked the 25 most frequently downloaded plugins and the section for google search plugins. I bet you will find the search engine, that you want to add to the search toolbar, here. In case if you do not, go the main page and you can search for it there.

Once you find your plugin, click on it, and firefox will ask if you want to add it to the list of search engines available in the search bar and say yes. And you have your favorite one added to the list.

Below I have included my search engine list.

(My search engine list)

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