New Orange Flavor, Served

(The new theme of this blog -A juicy, fresh orange )

Hi friends,

Thanks for checking out this blog again. As you can see, the blog has undergone a complete revamp in its style and design. Hope all of you, my friends, like the new interface and design. I got the template from Free CSS templates site. If you would like to try out the same, thats the topic for my next post. So do watch out for my next post, as I bet you would find it a bit interesting( to hack out, your own design)

The name of the template is hot-spring, I hacked it a bit changed the style and applied it to my blog.
And viola!! Here comes the new design. Hope you guys liked it.

As regular visitors this blog, you could see that the design was not a big bang!, it was indeed a gradual evolution of the design in the past 4-5 days. Today I finally added the archives section as well as the comments section, completing almost 90 % of the job(I guess, keeping fingers crossed)

I have had seen some problems when viewing the page in resolutions less than 1024 x 768. Also konqueror has some problems with the fonts in the side bar. So as the great beta-testers of this test, if you notice anything unusual in your browser please do mention it as comment to this post. You could also post anything that you liked/disliked about the new design(bricks and boutiques are both welcome !)

Thanks for being with me, during this cool change.

with regards

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