Java : System properties

While reading discussions in via google groups) I came across a thread relating to finding user's home directory in Java. As I read further, I came across a link for most system properties in Java.

An idea came to my mind, as how to, develop a system anaylysis program in Java that would present to the user, his/her complete system specification - including what processor is used, how much ram etc. Just a passing thought, and I hope it will get some form, in the coming days.

Your comments on the same, are heartily welcome

Currenlty I am gazing through various rooms in, namely ##linux, #apache, ##c, ##c++, #python, #mysql, and #ubuntu. All these rooms seems to be pretty interesting and with less trash/filthy talk compared to other such providers.
Oh, its getting time, to leave for the classes at NIIT, and we have been informed that classes would be from 1:00 to 5:00 today, because we are having exams in the next week at NIIT. So me, looking forward for an interesting session on XML, today afternoon.

bye guys

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