IRC rocks

(Pidgin to the rescue again)

I have been using Pidgin for a long time now to chat with my friends both in Google(gmail) as well as in Yahoo using this single super cool client. The usual trojans and boot-ins, that is so common among Yahoo messenger users, wont simply, just work in Pidgin, and thats the beauty of it.

Now the IRC story

I had heard about IRC, a long time ago - the intial impression I had was that, it was a place where hackers met. And 6 months back, one of my friends namely Mr.Manu Unni - who was chief project lead in localization of Open Office in Malayalam, again told me about the great world of IRC and told me to look our for my Linux queries there. As soon as I came back home, I installed a shareware IRC client, but to my dismay, found it rather intriguing and not so easy to use and I gave it up altogether.

Fast forward to today, I just Googled for IRC, came across an wiki entry on the same. But it was pretty boring(its not usually like that,though - wiki entries are one of my best sources of info), but I got a pretty interesting link referring to rfc(Request for comment) of IRC. Next I got a list of free IRC's from wiki. And i was surprised to see our dear own Pidgin there.

I googled for configuring Pidgin and IRC and got these links

  1. IRC for beginners : Just beginner stuff, to get you started
  2. Aussie Linuxchix : Joining the IRC channel - a nice guide to installing and using Pidgin
  3. The IRC Prelude: A detailed view, on IRC communication, including jargons and ways to talk and so on.

Currently I am logged on to the server and its really cool feeling to know that, you are part of a whole new world of gurus and students alike.

Rather that just burst in, I plan to learn the netiquettes of IRC cha tfirst and then proceed further.

It worked !!!!!!!

As mentioned in my previous(last) post, when disabled the feature - "turn off usb device on standby" , I am able to connect to the Internet even after the pc is back after a stand-by session. Hooray!!

(Before I had to log-out and then log-in after each standy!!)

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