Some "Easy share" adventures

(Photo taken using the Kodak easy share camera)

I have attached a picture of a flower in our garden that I photographed using my latest, cool digital camera - Kodak easy share c653 camera. Note that I haven't brushed it up using any image editing tools, its just the raw image, as it is, from the camera -and thats the beauty of it.

The camera is just awesome with some really sleek adjustable controls. In the current photo, I have increased the exposure rate to 1.7+ so that the background looses out and you get a soft feeling for the flower in picture.


I am also planning to host a site with all the photos that I am taking - most probably using Picasa. I must agree that Picasa is one great software. Its free and anyone could become a pro in image editing in a matter of minutes using this cool software. I was really impressed by the "I am feeling lucky" button which automatically adjusts contrast, cool and enhances the picture(works in most cases, or u will have to fine tune it )

V.J'ing Linux

I have also recorded video of my linux installation adventures and lot of photos too. Next week we are going to my brother's place(pune) where I bet we all are going to have a lot of fun with this cool cam.

I also sorted up my room a bit, to make a proper place for my new networking plans ;)

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