Happiest day of my life

(The cup of jOy)

This day would be added to my small list of 'most happiest days of my life' - becuase of two things

1. I'm selected

Its been a dream for me for the past 2 and half years to be part of a really cool open source project. It all started when I saw an invitation for an open source project in my dear own lug-indore group in Google. I quickly replied to the author stating my interest and also my resume.
Today I waited till 10:00 PM to check my inbox(I can access net from 10PM only) and was overwhelmed to see the reply>> "I WAS SELECTED"

Project details, including the team members and the design will be mailed to me later. And this moment was really a dream come true, considering it was an invitation for projects for the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation-Sarai CSDS programme for short-term FLOSS fellowships

All in all, it was a memorable day.

Suddenly a sense of responsibility came over me and I am planning to take my Java, Linux and Python learning more seriously. Especially get more into swing and awt(java)

2. BroadBand dream comes true

After a long wait of more than 5 long months we decided to give up on our wait for BSNL broadband connection. Although its a really cool connection, all in all, chances I wont be getting in any time soon. So we contacted Asianet and applied for a broad band connection - 24 hours, 128 kbps, and best of all -> no download limit(BSNL connection has this restriction)
Chances are I will get the connection by Monday or Tuesday.

Due to slow connection and also the night factor(net acess only from 10 pm to 6 AM) I have been missing my Kung-Fu classes a lot lately. So having this connection, could save a lot of time and I dont have to miss my dear Kung-Fu classes any more.

So two birds for one stone - I get a cool broadband connection, I get to attend kung-fu classes everyday without sacrificing on the net.

Other news

When I called my brother he informed me that, he would be joining karate classes from tomorrow onwards, and best part is that- he gets to join from where he stopped, namely brown belt. He had been missing the classes especially after coming to Pune and could not find any place for karate classes.

Ok bye guys


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