More linux adventures

(A new desktop enviornment -WM that I came across in SuseLinux)

Sorry guys for not updating the blog for so long. I bet this wont happen often from now on. The screenshot is from my linux machine. I recently came across the '
Session' menu in the login screen which I had ovderlooked earlier. But this time, it did catch my attention. There were many desktop enviornments to choose from and I liked this one, namely Window maker which loads at lightning speed(KDE takes some time to show up!) and is pretty cool too.

Emacs story
Another great thing is that I started taking up learning emacs seriously. Its just a superb editor/IDE/word-processor/email-composer/ and the list goes on..... But in order to exploit its full potential one has to have a very good grasp of its key bindings(key shortcuts) and I am in the process of becoming an emacs Guru :)

Last week I also installed a distro called 'DreamLinux' - its just so cool. So i now have 2 great linux distros just for multimedia :
  • 64bit studio and
  • DreamLinux

Other news
I had taken a book called 'Unix power tools' from the library which i plan to look into, in the next week.

.net classes started in NIIT . And the sir who teaches us this subject is really superb. Classes are between 11:00 to 3:00 in the weekends. Last saturday was the first class, and it went on pretty well.

Ok bye then

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