Project has begun

(My cool OpenSuse10.2 desktop)

I, nandu, and Gopu have together formed a team for the project work. And guess what, we are doing one of the coolest projects on earth. And it is
Clustering computing using Linux, and perfomance evaluation using Java

Cool huh ??

Classes (project guidance) started on Wednesday and things have been going prettty smoothly. Today we designed the GUI for the project. Since we were using JDK 1.5 (in Logic - the place where we are doing the project)there is no direct support for splash screen, and it took us sometime to design one. Anyway

new JLabel(new ImageIcon("pic.jpg")) came in handy

Now we want to implement thread and make it display the splash screen for a predetermined amount of time and then disappear.

Today was one our classmate's marriage. We all did have a great time over there.

Today i reinstalled 64bit studio. I must bet that 64 bit studio is just great.
Last week was full of some great surprises - including some great linux installation stories. More about it in the next post.
Bye then