A dream project

(Dream for the skies)

It all started with a seminar that my friend Nandu presented in the class. He spoke about upgradation of our computer lab. It was really inspiring. After his seminar, it was my seminar and during the presentation I suggested about computerizing our library. Although I had not preplanned to speak about that, it just came out that way. After I spoke about that in the class, it has moreover become like a dream project and it just keeps sticking in my mind.

I had some great plans for the project, which I would like to share with you. Before I tell you the technical aspects of the project, I would like to share a little revelation that I had in recent times.

I have come to known in the recent past that, sometimes people whom you think you really love/like may not be the ones who really love/like you. Just look around you and you may come across a wealth of examples. Personal examples/experiences may not also be so rare. I feel the best part of it, is that just look for people who care for you, look out for you, watch over you, cry when you cry(This is very important), and most of all be with you even in the most difficult times even if you don't say a word.

I know this may seem funny, but it is the same I felt in the computer world. Sometimes, the most hyped up thing is not the best one. I had this question in mind for sometime , as to which language suits me the best because a lot of times I was at this crossroads, not knowing which language to bet my life on.

And all along I felt it was Java, but it was not. Life has not been the same after I came across Python(Now don't get me wrong for I am not in for another set of arguments as to decide which is the better language ,comparing all those tiny details regarding all those syntax and memory stuff )This is just my personal opinion and I will stick to it whatever happens or whoever pops up some day saying its the worst language ever invented and releasing a 110 page thesis on the same. I think its the same with friendship, that is, once you have a great friend, I think one would sacrifice anything to hold on to that connection. And think about this, Jesus once said that , there is no greater love that giving one's life for his friend.

Coming back to the project, I want to do it in Python. So first of all I have to get permission to place a PC in the library. I have also some plans for setting up an automatic backup system. But first and foremost I want it to be running Linux :)

I think one problem , that I may come across would be the data entry operation itself because, someone HAS to enter all these names of the books , numbers and so on. And I would be very much glad, if someone would take up time and join me in this great endeavor. I do understand the chances of risk and failures. But whats life without both of these things ?

Other top news of the day

  • Due to spread of special type of epidemic(Chikan guinea – thumbs up for mosquitoes) spreading in our state, today was declared as the day for cleanliness. And all staff and students were required to clean up the college campus in their own little ways but unfortunately none of the college staff turned up for the event. Anyway all of us had a great time in collecting waste and weeding out grass. And best of all, after that we all came back to class and as usual I, Nandu, Melvin, Nithin, Anoop(that was unusual – but from now on we expect him every time we gather like this)sang songs and had a great time altogether for one full hour. Even Mathew joined us for sometime, but he had to leave, reasons which I may tell you at a later day.
  • Back home, I had great time, working out on Python.
  • Its been said that results for the semester exams conducted last june will be announced by next week.
  • After a long time, I got some good marks in a test conducted internally in our class. In A.I(Artifical Intelligence) test that was conducted last week I got FULL MARKS ! ! . Yeah, the same old justin getting full marks for a test? Yeah you read it right dude. FULL MARKS. It was really cool.
  • I saw E.T today in star movies.