Exam at NIIT

(Exam which I wrote reminds of this ! ! ! )

Today there was the exam at NIIT - Java exam (about which i mentioned in my previous post)I got 57/100 , which is not a very good score . Leaving that, the day was great.

Firstly i donwloaded a cool editor(since i have not used it, opinion is subject to change ;) ) it is called HTML kit , i downloaded it from here . I also came across a great site called Java passion - it contains a lot of free tutorials on sujects mainly related to java. I downloaded a pdf on AJAX from there .

Learning CSS is going pretty cool. Today I made a cool website with the tricks that I learnt. Chances are that I will be having my own fully functioning CSS website by this weekend.

Tomorrow college is re-opening after a long interval. It has been moreover like a vacation.

Today I read about thin clients. I also saw the malayalam movie ' Thommanum Makallum '

Desire for learning Java has come back somehow - especially after I saw the mail from Anjana; She had asked a very interesting question . How do you get the date of file using a java program. I checked out the File class, File descriptor class and so on but all in vain. But anyway I have not given up yet. And I feel like somehow finding it now . And thats when the spark came back .

The book " Programming Python " is sitting on the book shelf and smiling at me. Since i dont know the basics , I cant even dream to touch the book. I am planning to start learning the basics of Pyton from tomorrow from the e-book I downloaded from the net.