A Virus Attack ! ! !

Yeah , but this time it was not my P.C .

After I posted my last blog , I was feeling sort of dizzy. So i hit bed early(relatively early , compared to other days) on that day. Next day I was having 103F fever. On wednesday night( 27th September) I was admitted to S.K hospital. The next 3 days I was stuck there ! ! ! doing nothing. One great thing was that Melvin , Nithin and Sreejith came to visit me. It was a big comfort for me since it was not so good time I was having at the hospital. Finally I was discharged from the hospital on Saturday . Back home, I was still having a not so good time( again ?) recovering from the fever completely.

As of today, I am completely alright – which is very nice. Today Karim, Nithin, Melvin , Nandu and Sreejith came to my place. Me , Melvin and Nandu had a great time composing songs and remixing and stuff like that. Tomorrow I , Melvin and Nandu are planning to go British Library.

As mentioned in my previous blog , the guys who went for excursion came back yesterday. They told me that , they had a great time in Munnar especially. Overall they all enjoyed and had a great time together.

Since I was having bedrest – I spent some time in reading books related to web programming. It was really cool reading about CSS(Cascading style sheets) and Java Script. It reminded me of the days( some 6 years back) when my brother inspired and taught me the basics of HTML and Java Script and I even made my own website in geocities – a luxury in those days for guys of my age.

Me still working on CSS and PHP. As informed earlier we are having our Java end semester exam in NIIT this sunday – I haven't started the preparation yet , Must begin that pretty soon . Which reminds me of another thing – currently my interest in Java is declining much to my surprise . I must somehow get my hands dirty again with some cool project that I can dwelve into which must be challenging so as to sustain my interest in keep learning java.

Its been some time since I have gone online and lot of work seems to be pending . Posting has been almost nil in uit_tvm. Blog has also not been updated.Other plans for going ahead with Python and has also come a standstill. I think the next 1 week may be more productive and more enjoyable.

Classes will reopen only on Monday ; until then its like vacation. Anwyay today I cleaned up my room a bit.

I have also plans to make my own website ; Once i finish learn PHP, CSS and JavaScript. One thing that still bothers me is that , I am not being able to post the code to the myjcreator site in google project hosting site.

I hope tomorrow will be a great day. Chances are that – it will be . More about it tomorrow.