Excursion and me

Friends in my class are planning a South India tour by the end of this month. Chances are that I wont be in the bus - due to physical reasons ofcourse. As for my friends, (like for the Onam celebrations) many have outrightly declined thier participation in this wonderful tour. As evdient from the Onam celebrations that took place, chances are that most of them who said no initially would be the front runners in this tour, i suppose.

We have been told that the results for the semester 4 wil be announced shortly - probably by the end of this month. I am keeping my fingers crossed and I'm hoping for the best.

As mentioned in my earlier post, i am working out on mornings these days ,not much; just 20 mins or so. Basically some excercises that I learnt in my highschool.

Today also the cycle repair shop was closed - due to Onam ofcourse. Once my cycle is up and running , i can go for cycling and make it part of my excercise routine.

In the linux programing book , i found about CVS and want to learn it now. More about it later.
as you know, i badly need to learn about it for uploading the code into google projects.