College reopening

August 17 , Thrusday
(Yeh , i know ,it was supposed to be posted yesterday, but since i didn't sleep yet i have the right to post it in this way ! ! !)

Today college reopened. There was only 1 hour - it was science and technology commn, Telmin teacher divided the class into groups, and told us to bring some topics for discussion on Monday.

The members of my group are Archana, Athira , Divya, Gopu , Anuroop and me.

College was only until afternoon and I cam home early. I checked out the book Modern System analysis and design - the book I bought from British, the content is really superb, after i reading I just love to be a system analyst ( although i have not fully understood its implications ! )

Next i worked on a program that - Whenever user presses a key on the keyboard, the character is displayed on the screen at the position where the mouse pointer is present.
It is posted in open projects for all

Bye for now