A successful milestone . . . . . .

Today i completed the MyJCreator project upto a certain extent. The project still needs automatic coloring and stuff like that. Anyway completin that project (atleast partially) was one milestone in my programming life.

Today i was really moved by the use of pointers in the book dos - charted waters. it made me feel proud about this great language - C
I want to learn more about this great subject in this language - namely pointers and the wonders that i could do with it.

Today i also bought 3 books from
british library. It costed only 350 Rs, and all of them are U.S editions. The books were
  1. System analysis and design
  2. An assebly language introduction to computer architecture
  3. and another book on java GUI
Today it was said in the news that security has been beefed in various metros, due to chances of terrosist attack. bTw and i had mentioned about a very happy news in my previous post- The news is, manoj chettan got a cool job in Pune, and he will be shifting there. Salary is 40,000, + medical facility, + food , + etc , +etc Today i also read the cool article "The cathedral and Bazaar" , completed 15 pages. its a really superb article. Today i and vishak chetan discussed about some projects that we would like to do. BTw vishak chetan really did help us in getting the output from the dos screen. The code has been posted in Open projects for all

RssOwl and Thunderbird are really working fine, i liked both of them.

(Note: screen shots of the encryption program has been included)