I finally have a photo of mine ! !

I finally have a photo of mine which I will be adding to my profile.
Other news - > Parent are away to attend the reception of my cousin brother. So I have a somewhat good time being alone. They will be back on wednesday.

I made a google project for my project MyJCreator. You can check it out here. The best thing is that currently(as of now) its the 5th result that appears when you search for java IDE in the search box. since i dont know how to put code there, i am having a not so good time, "hosting " the code there !!

On the way back home , i met Manu sir and asked about this thing, and he told me about CVS and stuff like that . I want to learn more about it.

Today in NIIT was also a holiday; anyway i went there and tried to design a website for me .

One strange things i noticed was that my desire to linux is increasing day by day which is very nice. I some how want to learn more about kernel programming.

Three things that are really bothering me are -
  1. I didn't call be brother for a long time
  2. I didn't sent mail to seen for a very long time
  3. I want to go to church - but i am not.
Now for me , these are really important things .

Ok change of topic.
Tomorrow is Onam.So wish you all a very happy onam. bye