I started up my excercises routine !

(the phtoto is the screen shot of the latest built of MyJCreator)

I started up my excercises routine !
Pretty interesting title huh ? Or rather funny ? First thing i did was that i cleaned up my bi-cycle, i have to fill air, then i can go for cycling, just like the old days. Then i started with some pretty small excercises. Plan is to put up some weight before college reopens.I dont know, lately i wanted to take care of my health . Strange indeed !

Ok another great thing was desinging of GUI for my dream project - MyJcreator , its somewhat complete now, check it out.

Onam vacation started day before yesterday . And yesterday and today was Onam celebrations in the college, but i didn't bother to turn up for the events. I somewhat feel lonely to just stand there and watch all the " great " events . There's not much events that i can participate - be it singing , Khabadi or even flower decoration. So i left to guys who are good at this. And i dont think , anyone except for my close friends would have missed me.

Coming back to the project, Swaroop became the first "outiside" member to join this team; he has taken up the post of chief quality assurance engineer , and he will be responsible for all the testing and stuff like that.

I have also slowly started learning assembly language programming

Other goals for this weekend
Make a cool website for this wonderful project
Make a project report with screen shots and stuff like that.
Install and linux and learn kernal programming

bye for now
Happy month end guys
with regards