Nandu came home today

(Children setting up flower decoration for Onam)

First of all let me wish you a very happy Onam.

Today was a fantastic day. Morning went as usual - me watering the plants ,feeding the cute little birdies. Then Nandu called me and told me about the plans to come to my home. I gladly welcomed it - as a matter of fact, i was looking forward for it.

He came around 3:30 - we talked for a really long time - regarding all the latest tech stuff, about Onam and yes ofcourse about our Java project and auto it program. He seems to have quite liked the program. Actually I myself have fallen in love with this program , quite a long time ago ! And to top it all , we played UT(Unreal tournament) for some time.

Without me mentioning he had brought some songs and also a game for me. Now thats one of the things that i really like about him.
In the night , his mother called me up and invited me to their place for a wonderful Onam sadya(meals) at their place, I gladly agreed and I am looking forward for that :) Parents will be back on Sept 6.

Nowadays english TV channels are filled with documentaries and other stuff to commemorate the World Trade Centre attack as Sept 11 is around the corner.

Other hot news - Got a mail from Sandy - main guy in lug-indore telling me that they are proud to have me there , and also mentioning how he enjoys visiting our group. Now that really boosted me up, coz for sometime i was wondering --- whether all these posting stuff was becoming a menace to other " main guys" in the group - so I had restrained from posting in the past few days.
Now I can resume with full force.
So let the force be with you.