A Computer configuration

    Today I met our church priest who had served the church earlier . BTW his name is Fr.Jose .He is a very good priest .Its been 10 years since I last met him . It was he who organized and made this church – in the sense he brought all the people together, its very nice to see him again after such a long interval ; I met him and gave him the computer configuration. System specs are as follows – P-4, 2.66 Ghz - dual core. 1 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, 4.1 speakers , Cordless keyboard and mouse and DVD writer and CD writer . I got the price listings from Nehru IT hub website , which proved to be really useful.

Today i checked out the e-book Python and also downloaded the software. I really liked python and it seems pretty cool. I need to check it out more. I will post new advancements in that wonderful language as soon as I learn new things in it.

Today I saw a post in comp.os.linux. advoacacy site regarding open source / Linux penetration in Kerala. And i want to post a reply to it. Its really wonderful how people have reacted to it. They are really so much supportive.

Today went to British library and met Melvin there. I took the book 'The Java programming language ' i liked its clear presentation. Must check it out tonight.

One sad news- my justin.org email id in gmail has been blocked by the autoresponder . Although I will be able to use the e-mail account as usual, I wont be able to post anything to the uit_tvm group using that mail id – which is very fatal!!! Anyway , I sent a mail to google support service and I hope they will reply pretty soon and activate my account again.