Xandros installation complete

Hi guys,

Today I installed Xandros Linux on my system. I tried to connect it to internet but have failed, but I wll be glad to try again . I badly need to connect to Internet using linux - because I really powerful and safe. Chances for virus attacks are pretty low. Morevoer I have done this before , but the problem is that I cant find out the name of the serial port , as far as i remember it was /dev/tts/0 - but its not working. Anyway i hope i will be able to solve it pretty soon.

I am continuing my journey in learning Linux. Today i learnt how to make libraries. Should try them out.

Today Melvin had come home, we discussed the planes for the grid computing project that we plane to do in the near future. He seems to be interested in hardware part of the project. More plans are yet to be finalized.

Nandu had called earlier and told me that he had mounted the drives in windows from linux. The command is as follows

windows partitions are of 2 type FAT/FAT32 & NTFS
for fat32 the mount command is mount -t vfat /dev/hd?? /path/to/mount
for NTFS you will have to download the NTFS driver from http://linuxntfs.org
I got it from lug-indore. Lot of activity is seens nowadays in that group. And i am very happy about.

Few minutes back our Church Priest had called me to ask about a computer configuration. The priest who was serving the church before him, wanted a computer and he wanted to know the configuration. I suggested him a laptop , but he is not so interested - so chances are that I will be suggesting a Dual core Intel with 512 MB RAM or something , and CD RW, DVD ROM and so on. His budget is around 30,000 . So I think he can get a decent configuration at that amount.

So i must go and meet him and give him the configuaration tomorrow.

Tomorrow there will be marriage of Karthik's sister. Chances are that I wont be going. I told Melvin to meet me at British Library at 11:00 .