I finally did Vitualization on my PC

(VMWare in its full glory with Minix running in it in a Windows XP enviorment)

Hi guys,

I am very happy to annoucne that I have succesfully implemented virtualization using VMWare , it was a wonderful experience. I just really enjoyed. First I downloaded the VMWare player from the VMWare website. Then I also downloaded the linux distribution namely Minix from the same website( appliances)

When Minix first booted up in Windows I was over joyed, and all this would not have been possible without the never ending support of my friends - Nandu , Melvin and Nithin. And also news groups like lug-indore

Today Manoj chettan called me to tell me that , he had bought a laptop from bombay - Compaq presario with AMD 64 bit , dual core ; 1 GB RAM ; 100 GB HDD, DVD writer, Wi- Fi + Windows XP original. He told me , he would bring it here when he comes for Christmas.

On friday , i and Melvin went to buy books. I bought books on Python, Cluster computing, Linux device drivers and a book on Web programming.

Today i checked out our myjcreator project hosted in google. I also donwloaded 2 e-books on subversion . I also donwloaded subversion for Windows - must check it out.Currently I am donwloading Quake III for Linux . I also plan to donwload virtualization for linux.