The path of a Hacker ? ?

( One day even my desktop would look like this !! )

Dont get me wrong - I am not going to break into some Pentagon or something - I think thats the job of a cracker. To see the difference click here. Now for some philosophical stuff.....

The path of the hacker starts at L.A.M.P (Linux Apache MySQL and Perl/Python/PHP)

Yesterday I downloaded Apache and PHP (Python has been downloaded earlier iteself and I also I bought a book on the same) And I started to write code for the Java project that I am currenty working on by the use of Subversion - its really cool , more about it later. I bet I would surely explain about it my next post.The next job is to upload it to the google code hosting site using the import command in svn.

Posting in uit_tvm in going in full swing.

Today Telmin teacher announced about our project in the class and we gave her the address of the hosted site too . Moreover she asked us to go to her place to install Linux in her PC. Another beautful thing was that I got a mail from Seena stating that she really liked the blog - now thats the first good comment that i got for my blog and I am going to remember that for some time.

After the class , I went to Nithin's house with Karim and Nandu to fix his bluetooth connection - I told Karim that someday we would we writing device drivers for hardware and it would be a matter of minutes before we could solve any such problem . But in the current scenario - its impossible to write a piece of code like that.

Today too Melvin abstained from coming to college....This is the second day , he is missing the classes much to my disappoinment.

There was heavy rains in our city today and more rain is predicted in the coming two days. Chances are that we may be having a holiday tomorrow due to rains ofcourse.

Today Cini brought the project report I had asked her to . She had made that project which according to her was a fountain which danced according the music being played. I talked to sometime about our project (see the previous post) After talking to her , I became confident that with a member like her in our team - chances for we going down are pretty low because I was overwhelmed by the sheer knowledge she has in the electronics and electrical subjects. Moreover she seems to be interested in joining us in this endeavour more than anyone else.

Pournami has asked me to install Linux in her house. I should somehow get the consent from Melvin in this matter and we can go there as early as possible.

I want to learn more about PHP now. Learning progressing for Subversion as well.