A thunderous project ! ! !

(Picture of the proposed PIC16F877A processor made by Microchip to be used in the project)

The work for a cool new project is progressing. We have a great ambitious plan in front of us.
Our plan is to make a display system - exact details - i will tell you later. Basically it conisits of a mini processor connected to the PC through parallel port . so you can program the chip in any way you want. I recently came across some really cool projects that can be done using this cool new chip - like a Network server for example ! ! !! cool huh . But the best of all was that all my friends were with me from the very beginning of this project - namely Nandu, Melvin , Nithin and Karim. And the best part of it was that - to see the excitement from thier part too. For example Melvin's blog did reflect this a lot.

All of us went for some shopping yesterday to get some supplies for our project . We bought some LEDs , switches, some buttons, resistors , diodes and some wire ofcourse. Yesterday we connected it and made it to work according to the musics being played on the P.C

Another best part of the project , all of the much needed information on this project was got from the internet, Following sites helped me and my friends in gathering some much needed information.They are Electronic projects - Here you can select any project you want, ElectronicsZone , Electronics Lab , PIC Elmer 160 - Course Lessons ->Contains a lot of cool lesson on using the processor and so on) . Project is still proceeding atfull speed.

I am also learning about Subversion . I will post about Subversion tomorrow.More about it later. Electronics are having the escursion and they must be having a good time. We are having our escurion probably by the next week.

Tomorrow we will be having group discussion - rest of the hours will be free - I suppose.

Today I was reading the chapter on memory management in the book - Understanding the linux kernel ; its pretty interesting . After thing , i would love to read pyton and start doing more stuff on it.