Shell scripting - Let the force be with you

(The Actual Shell ! ! ! )

oday I started looking more into shell scriptiing, its really cool . It all started when I took a book from the British library titled " Linux Programing Bible " The book is really cool - although I wont suggest it for beginners - some knowledge of using the shell and Linux would be advantegeous . The book suited an intermediate like me perfectly well.

Today Fr. Thomas from our church had called me to inquire about the price for the computer configuration I had given to the priest who served the church earlier(see the post computer configuration)

But since the exam in NIIT is scheduled for tomorrow 11: 30 , chances are that I wont be able to meet him. I haven't yet taken up the preparation for tomorrow's exam pretty seriously. I am planning to study at night . I must also cover Linux scriptig( which I would love to) + software development life cyle( which is also okay)

Currently I am downloading the book bitter java from ebooklobby. About the book its been said that

" Bitter Java teaches you how to recognize when you are lost, and how to get back on the right path. It illustrates common pitfalls of Java programming through code examples. "

Okay now that seems cool enough , so I thought of giving it a try. Another great thing was that I came across the site the site looks very cool - its basically a book marking site - so it does the job of Kate Russel in click ( a tech program in BBC ) I liked the site and I got the link for ebooklobby from there.

Today I stretched out my hands( or rather my fingers) in our old typewriter. I bet it significantly increases my typing speed.

Morning was pretty cool - cause I was reading the book " Hacker's tale " - which is basically a diary written by and for hackers . Although some stuff is NOT so cool , overall the book gives you some idea into hacker culture( but they are more into cracker culture , I bet)

By the way , let me share a little secret here. Although my logical mind would beg me to prepare for tomorrow's exam at NIIT by going through Java , chances are that I will be reading more about shell scripting and CSS