Small things matter the most

(Pic of teddy bear key chain I got as gift from Cini)

It was the excursion I missed a lot. But when I went to college today after some long holiday , some great surprise was in store for me. After the second hour in the morning, Cini came over to my place and handed over a key chain with a teddy on it. She told me , she bought it for me , since I missed the tour. The key chain resembles the pic I have put above. But the present did have a great impact on me. Please note that , I am a guy who rarely gets presents or wishes from others. And the funniest( ? ) things is that most( or may be all ) of my friends still dont my birthday, and last year even my parents forgot about my birthday. But thats okay. Its part of life, you know.

Now think of this, just today I was explaining to Karim about the concept of Blog and I was telling him that to make blogs more interesting , it is better to avoid personal stuff as much as possible and try to focus more on the technical part( since I felt technology related blogs are having a great time around these days) But now, I feel today's blog has so much personal stuff about me. I hope you dont mind this once in a while or so. ;)

Another great things happened today; After a gap of about 1 1/2 years, I finally completed the assignment which was to be submitted next Wednesday(18 Oct) This is strange becuase for the past many months , I used to write them either in the class at the day of submission or just the day before that. Really strange indeed.

Also today I and Karim went to our college library , and we sat there and we were reading about shell scripts. It was a wonderful time over there. I plan to take one of the books which I was reading, when we go to library tomorrow.

I bought a new bag today from Karim's shop. And other top stories of the day
  • Karim is going to take broadband connection within a couple of days.
  • Clara teacher asked me personally about my illness in the class( I wonder how she came to know about that )
  • Pournami called me to ask about the assignment - It became a top news here because she is one of the few girls who call me ! ! !
  • Archana celebrated her birthday( which was yesterday) by distribution sweets.
  • Ranjini shifted to a hostel , since her parents have gone to their native place. Only thing which I was disappointed was that I had told her to take her PC with her when she shifts to the hostel , but unfortunately she has not done so . I said so becuase

Computer science students - Computer = = Book worms

Moreover doing projects also will be a bit tough without a pc to freak upon !

Today I plan to read UNIX concepts and appications book - to brush up my scripting skills.

Tomorrow I plan to get up early and complete my assignment( * Little portion is remaining - but only a little )

I would like to begin my Python learning atleast by tomorrow. CSS learning is progressing slowly. I need to speed that up.

bye for now