A great christmas gift

(Guess whats inside ?)

Today my brother had called me and I politely reminded him about the DVD writer that he had promised me last time. He readily agreed and that brought a millions smiles to my face. Coz now I can finally lay hands on all those great Linux distributions(Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix) which were shelved since they were in DVD format.

Oh, I missed the interview

Today there was an interview by TCS(Tata consultancy services) for which I did not turn up. Most of my friends went for the interview and again 2 girls(as mentioned in the prev post, for the IBM interview too , 2 other girls had got selected for job) from our class got selected for the final inteview.

So what did I do ?

So I got the full day for myself while my friends sweated out in the sun and long tests. I am starting to find the book Emperor's new mind really interesting, especially the question of teleportation >> So if I get teleported to say moon, the process would be as follows :-

1. First they make an exact replica of me and send it over to moon
2. They reconstruct it there
3. And remove the original me

What the __ ?? How could they remove the original me? or what if they forgot to remove it, then there would be 2 me. . . . . .
And the discussion proceeds, currently I am reading the topic Turing's Machine. I feel, the book as such presents itself a wonderful read and provokes thinking even for a guy with minimun scientific knowledge as in my case.(All those nasty little math/logic formulae are explained in a simple manner)

After seeing CSS Zen garden yesterday , I feel like concentrating a bit more time into learning CSS - because the wonders they have done with css is worth taking a look at.

Thats all folks