Its java all the way

Hi guys,

I am reallyhappy to say the last week 2 great things happened.
First of all I wrote a RMI chat program in Java. Using this 2 or more people could have a conference , and every one could see each other's chat messages.

The second and the most important thing was that I wrote a splitter program and that too in Java - so its java all the way What this program does is to it takes screenshots of one computer and sends it to another . So if my program is working in your pc. I would be able to see each action that you do in your pc, including the slightest window moves and so on.

I have also made groups, blogs as well as project sites for the chat program.
You can join this project by visiting

Although I couldn't go to college due to cold and throat congestion, I really enjoyed every bit of it. It was like as if I badly needed a vacation and it came in the form of illness ! ! Whatever it may be, the holiday times was just great. Best part of it was the book that I read, namely "Java Objects from concept to code" byJacquie Barker. It taught me a lot about writing some good code. I am also learning assembly language coding.

Today I had called my brother, and I told him about both the projects that I was working on - chat program and the splitter. He was really excited and he told me that he was proud to have brother like me. I felt really good after hearing that. And I am too proud to have brother like him with whom I can share all these great things which means a lot to me.

Nithin called me and told me that there could be a strike tomorrow organized by students of our college regarding conducting exams for students who failed in the exams. Long live student politics !!!!!!I wonder whether this is the right time for the strike since exams are around the corner( within 2 weeks or so) and students must be busy preparing for thier exams. Anyway who cares ??

I am looking forward to updating the blogs (mine + project's) on a regular basis. Yeah and total members are uit_tvm reached 93 and total new topics reached 2914. Ok bye for now