MySQL and PHP finally worked

First of all, sorry guys for not posting for so long.

MySQL problem was sorted out when i gave full privelege for mysqld in Zone Alarm - my firewall . ie --> ZoneAlram > Program Control > Trust level > Super.
so guys having zone alarm and want to run mysql may see the error message that service could not be started. So it can be solved in this manner.

PHP was working , but i could not pass values between pages. Because if you simply give $myvariable, nothing will show up, rather use $_register['myvariable']
So that problem was also sorted out. Now I can dwelve into some serious web programming.

Today i also installed yahoo messenger after a long interval(after about 6 months). I went directly to programming room . Someone was looking for help regarding creating directories in java. I told him, and he was really happy . His name is lamees and he is from egypt. I felt really happy, that i could help him. But unfortunately most of these programming chat rooms are flooded with cheap talk and stuff like that - things which I least expected in a programmer's community.

I bought a two books last week
Core Java Vol II , Advaned Features and
Beginning Apache, MySQL and PHP

I came to know about this PHP problem( mentioned above) from this book. After glancing throught the first 20 pages or so, the book looks really promising

Two girls from my class and Subru(my friend) got selected in IBM.

Due to cold, I could not go to college today. Tomorrow is going to be great day.