Project times ahead

(Reaching for the dreams )


Today it was announced in the class that students could indeed do the project for the final semester by themselves( that is , without going to other instiutions) and best of all was that one could make up a team comprising of just one member. And this was exactly that all my friends wanted to hear, because there were talks that projects MUST done in some organization or something. But as it turns out, from the experiences of our seniors, most of the students end up knowing nothing about thier own project.

Now since the initial hurdles are taken care of, I must now concentrate on some project that is challenging but within my grasp. Reader's suggestion are also heartily welcome.

It came to me yesterday about writing a program that could automate searches, that is a program should search websites and looking for data or patterns of data and must present us with the right information. Yeah I AM talking about data mining, but at a higher level.

All these thoughts prevailed as I skimmed through the Robot class(java.awt.Robot) in java which we could use to automate most of the tasks including keypresses and mouse clicks.
So rather than, me trying out various search terms and spending my evening in front of the pc browsing through search results returned from google, i could be spending the evening with some one important and yet come back home and have everything ready for the next day. Cool huh?
But the problem is that I dont know the basics of data mining. But remeber that being a moderator for a really cool group(uit_tvm) or learning the basics of Apache/PHP/MysQL were distant dreams some 6 months ago. But as it turn out, all these are real and happening so I hope that this dream project too will have happen in a not too distant future.