Fists of Fury

(Micrsoft plans to topple google in search engine arena)

Hi guys,

This post has two specialities

  1. I have posted my own hand drawn(mouse drawn to be precise) cartoon here.
  2. And I have a great announcement to make

And the announcement is this.

I badly wanted to learn martial arts for the last 5-6 years and chances are that I would be joining any one soon. More details as it unravels.

Top Hot news

The PC is here
As mentioned in one of my previous post, I and nithin went to our teacher's house and she happily gave us her cool Celeron PC, which I excitedly brough home. I put my Sony CD-RW and my 128 MB SDRAM(from my 2nd pc) in it. Its working swiftly. I am planning to get a new SDRAM for this baby soon.

Other news

NIIT project
The project, that I am doing at NIIT is nearing completion - yeah except for the cookie/session thing which I was not able to implement(see prev post)

A cool book from library
Today I took a book from my college library namely " The mythical man-month: Its seems like a cool book on Software engineering. I am planning to read it in the next couple of days.

bye guys