Let Samba, guys !!

(I connected my second PC using Samba)

Above, I have put a screenshot of me browsing my second computer in my LAN @ home using
Samba. Samba configuration was pretty easy and straighforward. And in the shell, I was trying out ping and it was successfull. I plan to put up, set by step details on how to configure Samba here or in my website soon. I think you would find it useful; if you have a Windoose PC and a cool linux PC.

Happy tomcat news

Another great thing happened today. I installed Tomcat in my second XP partition but it had not worked. The problem was - Apache Tomcat 5.5 is not compatible with Java SE 6 it and when I changed the jre path to that of Java SE 5, the tomcat server was up and running peacefully.

JSP learning progressing

The 2 book I took from british Library - Beginning Java ServerPages and Web development with JavaServer Pages - both were cool. For the introduction part I liked the former one and from then on I liked the latter one. I am planning to buy the second book.

News @ college

Tomorrow we are supposed to submit, synopsis for the project. As you are aware the name of our project is "Linux cluster evaluation using Java"

Ok bye for now