Some Remote Login Times

Hi guys,
Today I was working on remote logging , and I learnt some things which I would like to share with you here.

First of all there are several different ways to connect to computer especially if the computers are running different operating systems.

win -> win : One hacker method is to run a free ssh server on one pc, namely COPSSH and then connect to that machine using putty
win -> linux: install putty in windows machine and ssh in linux machine
linux -> linux : install ssh in both machines
linux -> win : use samba in linux machine, and just configure the basic things(sharing the folders etc) in the windows machine

Hope you have a great time remote loggin.

By the way you can the download link for putty is :

and you can get a great tutorail on putty here :

or better stil, you could just google for 'install putty' (without quotes)

Ok bye guys