Seesion and cookie problem in Tomcat

Hi all,

Currently I am working on a cool project to be submitted at NIIT as an end semester project in Java. The project in JSP, but in the last few days, something has been troubling me badly. Namely, I am able to save any session in JSP pages - I create. Consider the followng code snippet

filename : page2.jsp

<% session.putValue("val" , "Dog"); %>
<%= (String)session.getValue("val") %>

<a href= "page3.jsp"> pAGe 3 </a>


Now when I print the session value in the same page(as shown in line 3), it gets printed.But when I click the link and go to page3.jsp, the session value is displayed as null.

Code for page3.jsp is below :

<%= (String)session.getValue("val") %>


My brother has agreed to try to look into the problem, which made me feel really happy,especially after searching through countless forums and bug lists and release notes etc...

I wanted to put the cookie program too here, but could not find it. I suppose I had deleted that, thinking that it would never work out. Hopefully I would be able to find some other cookie program that I would post tomorrow

By the way, my system specs are as follows:

Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
256 MB RAM
200 GB HDD
Tomcat 5.5
Java 1.5

Bye guys,