A year of gifts and surprises

(Finally the dices are rolling my way !!)

The beginning of 2007 was just full of surprises. First of all as promised, my dad bought me a cool 160GB HDD and my brother bought me a Sony 16X DVD writer - COOL.

And Now - the top story of the month

I badly wanted to run a server in my house - now you may be wondering, that I had mentioned earlier I had done this already with Apache, but the interesting part is this

"I badly wanted to run a server in my house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Now you may be thinking that I must be nuts to try that out in my current PC - which is impossible. So I planned to get another computer .Using this one and the 2nd pc which I have got, I could run a server, with 12 hours shift.

While I was trying to acquire money for this 3rd PC, something strange happened, The same teacher who gave me a cool 286 PC, some 2 years back, offered me her new(relatively) Celeron PC for free. And best part was that, I always had informed about my networking interests and this seemed like a compliment to me. Together with my friends I plan to get the PC and install here as soon as possible - probably this week itself.

I cleary realize the security hazards as well as the low bandwidth offered by most ISPs here. But i feel this would be worth the challenge. Currently I am playing with p2p using my 2 PCs. I think connecting 3 PCs - using a hub, thus simulating a real network, hopefully would bring up more challenges I suppose - which is the best part of it.
Moreover I could try out some really cool network attacks(against myself ofcourse !!!) and printer sharing (Proxy server) and X teriminal(see the post on putty below - to see how exciting these things are)sort of things with this cool network I will be connecting.

Other news

Learning JSP is moving at a really cool pace. And I came across a really cool free jsp hosting website - namely EATJ.com. I really liked it and I plan to deploy some cool JSP stuff soon.

Ok bye