A few more linux experiments

(Preview of my Suse 10.1 Gnome desktop)

Last week I tried to install Sabayon linux which I got free with Linux for you. But I think either due to insufficient RAM or due to monitor detection problems, nothing turned out on the screen,moreover it was very slow from the very beginning.

Next I tried my luck with Slackware linux. Last time it had installed properly, but it had no gui. But lately i came across a solution to solve the GUI(no desktop- only black command line screen) problem and tried to try my luck on Slackware 11.0 this time. But half way during installation it kept complaining about corrupted files and installation started "crawling" So I had to stop that - but anyway I DID try for another 2-3 times before completely giving up.

Next installed Vector Linux, it was pretty cool. Neat, coz it used a sleek Xfce desktop and all was good until I tried to boot into Suse. I think there IS some problem with lilo based loaders trying to boot grub based boot loader OS. Due to some other reasons, I needed to install Suse 10.1 so I reinstalled it, and configured my sound card. Now everything is working smoothly. And I also managed to take a screen shot of my desktop while I was in Gnome desktop. And guess what? ; the entry for Vector linux did not come in grub boot menu. So I do feel there IS a standoff between grub and lilo.

Thats all folks