A minix quest

(Minix login screen)

Today was the day for some minix thought........

A quick flashback

The book which really took me to the world of computers was the book that I used to read in my highschool library. It was the first book on computer that I bought as soon as I entered the college. It was none other than 'Modern Operating Systems' by Andrew.S.Tanenbaum. And this same Andy(Andrew.S.Tanenbaum) was the person who wrote the minix operating system. Moreover the OS has another great achievement too, to its credit,

that is,


One of the early MINIX adopters was a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds, who went out and bought a PC just to run MINIX, studied it very carefully, and then decided to write his own operating system, inspired by MINIX.

source: http://osnews.com/story.php/15960/Introduction-to-MINIX-3

(Rest is history.....................)

I also posted about it in our newsgroup. Today I also came across a nice blog for minix -> Minixtips. It has lot of nice stuff about minix. The official site for this cool os is minix3.org . You can also dowload the complete os from here. But before proceeding i would suggest you to read a nice simple tutorial on minix written by Andy himself. You can find it here.

The installation

I am plannig to download the minix os as early as possible. But before that I need to clean up my 40GB HDD, that I would happen probably in the next week.

Wait my Minix, here i comeeee


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