Another cool gift from teacher

(I got a cool surprise with the PC I got from my teacher)

Hi guys,
As usual, after the NIIT classes, me and my friends came to British library. But to our surprise, there was a 'Used books' exibition there. I bought two books on UNIX. I plan to look into UNIX/ Linux more seriously. Lately I also read that, it would be cool if one could master the coolest language in the world - namely Python. The article also said that Python often had much more powerful tools than those given with the shell. Now thats some pretty exciting news.

Seminar at college
We are having seminar for the project next week and I decided to take up part of explaining the project details along with its applications. My friend Nandu would be explaining about the concept of clustering.

Another unbelievable surprise from teacher

Last week, I and melvin were having combined study at our place and the prospect of taking the sound card from the system that our teacher gave to me and placing it in my system became obvious and we planned to do the same. Initially it did not fit properly into the system and the sound card did not work; and we both were disappointed. But that evening Nithin came to my place and helped us out. He removed an extra panel from the back of the PC and the sound card fit snugly to the PCI slot. The sound was unbelivable. I must really thank our dear Sreedevi teacher for this. It was one great system that she gave me. Did I tell that it also had a cool graphics card? More about it later.

Send-off party by the seniors for the seniors

Usually in our college, when guys complete their degree and leave the college, there is a norm that juniours would give them a small send-off party as token of gratitude and respect. But this year, due to some "technical" difficulites(some conflict between us and them) they(juniors) told us, they wont do so. So we thought that we would give send off to ourselves. Pretty cool huh ?

The auto it program

As I told you yesterday, today I am planning to write the complete program for finding the total net usage. I have really started liking scripting languages like these, coz they are really good at getting things done within a very short time. This thought has also led me to concentrate more on Python,Ruby and as well as taking on Linux shell programming more seriously. The result of which ofcourse led me to buy two books on the same. I hope to have a grasp of these two by next weekend.

Other news

Nithin told me that he would help me to find RAM for the system that our teacher gave us. I and melvin have also decided to go to one place where we could computer for dirt cheap prices. Hope that too would happen pretty soon.

bye guys

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