Along the memory lane

Trip to Vellayani back waters

Today I and Nithin went for a cool ride to the backwaters of Vellayani , 12 kms (approximately)
from the city of trivandrum. It was not preplanned, but it was really great indeed. We had a great time there, and we took over a dozen photos which I will be uploading to my site soon. I am also planning for a complete revamp of the site soon.

By the way, I have also changed my profile pic in my blog, thanks to the suggestion of one my friends at NIIT(the place where I study currently)

Problem with Rconnect

I had accidentally disabled the 'telephony' service in XP resulting in complete blockage of my net access. And note that when re-installing the driver for the modem/phone, u need to uninstall the previous modem driver, located under device manager > modem. And finally when re-enabled the 'telephony' service, everything was O.K

Passing away of someone very close to me

Last Sunday(3 Jun) my grandfather's brother who was a priest passed away. He was very close to me, and had visited our house couple of times. He was also one of my spiritual guides.

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