Wine for life

Below you can see the installation of fruity loops going smoothly, thanks to cool windows emulator WINE. Although Fruity Loops installations seemed to be ok and it worked almost fine, my quest for finding a fruity loops equivalent in the linux world is NOT going to slow down.

There are some neat configuration stuff, I need to master before I can run other windows applications in Linux.

I also installed my favorite(well almost favorite) Typing tutor in linux(see pic on right) Anyway my all time favorite ktouch in kde (linux) just rocks. Also in the screen shot you can see the scientific calculator and emacs;

Emacs is the most coolest editor in Linux.

Yesterday I also registered our college project as a GPL'd project in Google. You could check it out in 3dcluster. It features as the 2nd result when you search for ' openmosix ' and features as 3rd when you search for ' linux cluster' ; I got really excited to see those results. Below I have included the screen shot of the search result.

(Click on the images to enlarge them)

Since the project at college is completed, I would still love to proceed with the project on my own, hopefully with help from other open source community peers.Current plans are as follows.

At its bare minimum, using the powers of Java2D, implement more user friendly interfaces. Like clicking on the image of a cluster node will reveal all the details of the cluster; On the longer run I would love to walk through a room full of cluster nodes and being able to click on a cluster to get its details(probably done in Python or Java3D) I would also love to incorporate some sleek python tools into this great project.

And if anyone would love to join this project, could just visit the site and there you will find the details of joining the project.

Happy coding guys. Bye

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