I rescued Linux

Yeah I did spell those words correctly, " I rescued Linux" . Usually, its the other way round. Linux rescues me from problems/ dead-ends. But this time, i was able to resucue my dear own Vector Linux which I though I had lost, because Suse Linux failed to discover this cutie - during the Suse installation.

So today I thought of getting my hand dirty. First it was trying to instal openMosix,but I could not succeed --> it showed the error
could not mount the root fs

I think its because it was openMosix 2.4 and since my linux kernel is 2.6 there could have been compatibility problems.

By the way, To know which kernel you are using, just issue this command.
$ cat /proc/version

Next I headed to Suse and mounted the drive in which Vector linux was installed, namely /dev/hda8 Next i went to Yast control center in Suse and there I found the bootloader and added the entry for Vector linux, it was pretty intuitive.

I restarted and tried to boot in using vector Linux only to find that 'such a file did not exist' error.
I went back to suse, but this time to /boot/grub/menu.lst And there was the culprit, in the root path it was given (hd0,8) for the /dev/hda8 , it is correct right? NO it is wrong , it must be (hd0,7) I corrected this and booted again.

VOILA, i was booted into the cool sleek Vector linux XFce desktop enviornment. Its good to be back soldier , I said to myself.

Next I wanted to play some music, but unfortunately, XMMS (XMMS for linux is like windows media player/ winamp for Windows XP) was playing, but there was no sound. But after a little trial and error I did get the sound of music !!

These were the steps:

  • Right click XMMS >Option > Preference >
  • select ALSA 1.2.10 output plugin
  • Now click configure, choose audio device as
  • YAMAHA DS-1(YMF724F) : YMFPCI(hw:1,0) (Put the name of your sound card here)

Once this was also done, i was really overwhelmed, because it was my dream to have these babies up and running.

I also took some screen shots which I am attaching below.
(Click to enlarge)

Next from the theme manager, I changed the colors a bit(It takes just 2 clicks for that) and check this out.
(Dont forget to click and see the enlarged image, all are high-res pics)

News at college.

Today we submitted our fair report of the project in college. Also there was internal viva, which was really great and we all had a fantastic time explaining to teacher about our cool project. Also on the way to get the project attest, we had to meet our principal we explained to him about our project and he seemed to be pretty interested.
We also told him how cluster computers could compete with million dollar costing super computer and he seemed to be really interested. We also told him that it was our dream to network our college. He seemed to trust and told us that before we leave college he will let us do that and will take necessary steps to talk to lecturers involved and initiate the process as early as possible. So now we have a college networking job at hand ;)

Also our teacher told us to demonstrate to the teachers who would be coming for the external viva on monday about the project site for this project in google and So I am planning to take my reliance phone to college on monday.

Bye friends

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