Broad Band in Linux

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Enjoying broad band in Suse Linux

Hi guys,

Its 11:00 pm now, and the day was just superb. So many cool things happened. First of all, configuring Suse for broadband was just so cool. I just switched on my modem, and Suse immediately recognized and configured everything, Automatically!! And I just enjoyed broad band speeds in Suse. I also tried out download using KGet

Also, Today I went to Nithin's house. There I helped him a bit in installing Suse 10.2 and Vector Linux .

A 'wireless' dream ?

We have now connected the modem to usb, but the cable guys told us that, it is not safe to do so, since power surges from the cable line may damage the entire system(My PC), and hence it is better to connect the modem to the network card. But buying another network card(current network card is connected to my home network) did not seem like a viable option for me.

My dream is to set up a wireless network, and connect this modem to the wirless hub and through a dongle connect to the wireless hub? Cool huh ? Next few day, I would like to learn more about wireless connectivity and setting up a wireless network in my place. If you guys do get some material, do mail me, or post it as comment to this post.

bye guys


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