Moving toward Wi-fi

(A wireless router and usb device)

Hi guys,

After a bit of research on the Internet, my wi-fi plan is as follows.

Currently i have a wired network at home. So if a buy a wireless router, it only supports wireless clients, and I would be having a hard time getting to connect my wired network to this wireless network.
So, when I looked further, I came across this cool device, namely a wireless Acess point. Using this device it is possible to connect both the wireless clients as well as connect to a wired network hub/switch.

Once you have this, next step is to get wireless lan cards for each client you intend to connect.

So I headed to Logtech(A computer peripheral shop in my town) and asked for the prices, and i got these details:

Switch - 8 port (wired one) - 800 Rs

Wireless LAN card - 1200 Rs

Wirelss acess point
Netgear - 2050 Rs
D-Link - 2200 Rs

(Note: 40 Rs~= 1 $)

So to get a wireless access point + a wireless lan card, it would cost around 3200(78.7 $ approx)
But considering this as a one time investment, It would be really cool. But getting that much money soon, seems like a problem.

The bluetooth alternative

Note that, there is also another alternative in place, namely Bluetooth. You could get a Bluetooth dongle for as low as 300 Rs(7 $ approx) and stick it to your usb port and enjoy wireless connectivity, But when adding more and more clients, this could become a serious problem.

Anyway, I will surely update you guys with all the latest news from this wireless world.


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