Give me the report

(Google analytics in action: a screenshot of visitors for this blog)

Its been more than a month since i registered with google analytics. I checked it regularly for the first 3-4 days and I could see no result and I dropped out of it and moved on to statcounter.

What these sites do is to present information about the users who visit your blog/site. First you have to register in one of these sites. Then have to just insert the code that they provide in your site/blog and you get detailed summary about your visitors including the country they come from, their lenght of visit and so on. This is really useful especially if you have ads in your page that target a specific audience like AdSense.

But just today I just logged in to google analytics and here there was the complete summary for all visits in the past 1month and I have 3 visit from America too(see the pic on the top) It was really cool to see analytics in action.

Google gear

I stumbled across this utility called Google gear. It is suppposed to make our offline experience painless. But there are other things like webaroo and so on. But from what I understand google gear offers you api and code to make you web apps add the 'work offline' feature. This is really cool, becuase, very few web apps has this feature. I am not sure if google gear could be used to download and view web pages as such. Anyway I will look more into it soon

Digital Camera

Today I and my friend Swaroop, went to QRS( an electronic app shop in our town) to inquire about the price of digital camera. If everything goes as planned I will having a digital camera soon in my hands as promised by my dad, a couple of months back.

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