A great b'day gift from my dad

(A cool 6.1 mega pixel, Kodak c653 easy share camera)

Last Sunday me, Swaroop and my dad went for one of the coolest shopping days of my life and at the end of it, I had a cool Kodak easy share c653 camera in my hand. It was one awesome camera. And as a special offer, we managed to get some really cool goodies.
  • A really cool superb battery charger
  • 1 GB memory card
and 1000 Rs($24.69) off too !!!

It has some really cool features like
  • Anti blur
  • Auto focus
  • Color Adjustment
  • Auto Flash
  • Fast mode, "moving fan" shot, seems as though you have taken it while the fan was still
  • Video mode with support for 640 x 480 resolution

All these and much more. And this was one my dream come true.

More than taking shots for nice occasions, one of the major reasons for getting a camera was something else.
I do a lot of (in my view, i feel that way)networking and installation(linux) stuff. And I badly needed some way to document all those. Or if I got a new computer(Old computer from someone-for me, its new) and wanted to get a snapshot of its antique motherboard, or some other hard to find feature, there was no way I could get pics of them. Note that for old computer parts and no so popular companies, searching for them on the net may not be such a great idea after all.
But now having a digital camera, it feels really good. Hopefully, all these documentation stuff, might be useful to someone someday. But I bet its surely going to be useful for me.

The charge for the battery that they give withe the camera is depleted and I have put the batteries for charging, and after that, it is PHOTO TIME !!!. And I hope to clean up my site and upload some cool photos to my site pretty soon. Also you guys too could expect some work of art in this blog soon ;)

Things on which I will blog tomorrow include:

Amrith's linux install
More experiences with c653 easy share
Visitors from my native place
A cool voice chat with my brother

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