Well, I am back

(A snap taking during our way to Pune )

A small note about the photo

The snap was taken using my c653 easy share kodak digital camera. I had taken this photo while peeping out of the window in the train that we were travelling. Note that, the photo has NOT lost any details, even though the train was travelling at over 100 kilometer per hour (62.13 miles per hour)

(Note:The date in the photo had been mistakenly set wrong)

Trip to pune

The trip to Pune was really cool, and I got really excited about sytem and security testing, that I found myself reading some really good books/blogs on the same, after coming back.
Some blogs that worth checking are :

Brother also gifted me 5 cool books : 3 on java, 1 about google and one on software testing. The one on testing, really caught my attention, and I haven't laid down the book ever since. I've completed 5 chapters on the same: Software Testing by Ron Patton.

Strange modem not connecting problem

I have been a facing a starnge problem recently. Its like this. I connect to internet using Scientific-Altanta WebSTAR DPC2100R2 Cable Modem throgh my usb. I use for a while, and when I take leave and come after, say an hour, the computer would be in stand by mode.

When I return, i wont be able to connect to internet. I recently learnt that it could be that, usb goes to standby mode. This can be disabled as follows:
Right click on my computer. click on properties. Click the hardware tab, and click on Device manager.
From the list, select USB serial bus controllers, select USB root hub. Double click it.Select the power management tab and uncheck Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
I think, that must fix the problem.
I haven't tried out yet, and whatever may be the outcome, i will post it here. I got the result by
googling for "standby XP modem problem" (without quotes)

Path to hacking (not cracking)

I feel one can learn a lot about security features, and various exploits in a software, if one has good grasp over software testing. And as I could learn from the recent past, people just not stumble across exploits or back doors in softwares;(although, some rarely do) But they systematically work out possibilities, leading to the security breach, and publish it in bug-forums where they could be rectified in future release.

As a side note, I happened to hear last week that, famous security related bugs are being auctioned off, for cool hard cash. Strange indeed!!

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