The Matrix Style

(Wireshark - network analyzer in action)

I was looking for some "Security" / networking tools in and I came across this really cool piece of software listed in the "best 50 softwares" section.

is a packet analyzer tool that analyzes each and every TCP packet that comes and goes out of your system, in REAL TIME !!! So you get to see what is inside each packet when it comes/leaves your PC. That was really cool, and I was really wonderstruck to see it in action, and I bet you too would be.

Wireshark is a free and open souce tool with some really awesome features.
You can download it here.
The official site for this great software is
Also you get a full fledged help page with screen shots and step by step guide at the documentation page.

Wireless plans proceeding..

Today I checked out the sites of DLink and Netgear - the product site of companies whose wireless access points, that I intend to buy. Although a bit costlier, I found
DWL-2100AP rather interesting - 104 Mbps data trasfer rate, with Wi-Fi certifications and a whopping 3 year warranty. These features were not either present or were not at par in the case of Netgear accesss points.

I also had a confusion as to whether blue tooth could be a viable option, but that became clear when I checked out the data transfer rates. For most advanced bluetooth devices(that I plan to buy) the speeds would come around 10-11 Mbps compared 100-110 Mbps for the wireless access point that I intend to buy.

So I will keep you guys updated with the latest news from the wireless world.

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