Off to Pune

(A typical Indian train)

Tomorrow me and my family would be leaving Trivandrum by train to visit my brother and his wife @ Pune. Pune is approximately 1850 kilometers(1150 miles) from the place where I stay. So I may not be able to post for the next one week or so. In between, I will try to access net from Pune and type in a few posts.

Another cool thing is that I added "feeds" to this site(Look at the right, link named - "Subscribe to my blog")So anyone can subscribe to this blog and read them using their favorite news aggregator(like rssowl) I added this cool feature using feedburner- which is free and very beginner friendly.

Shopping at Pune

Over there(at Pune) I would love to shop for the following things

  • A can of spray paint - to try my hands on PC modding
  • Some nice t-shirts for going to martial arts class
  • Probably some good books on meditation, Kung Fu, Tai-chi etc
  • A mp3 player ?? (Not sure though)

well, the list goes on, and I better end it here ;)

So bye guys

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